Experience and Creativity 

At Frazier Fotography, we understand that image goals for each client or brand, are unique.

With over 15+ years of experience, world-renowned photoshop education, and shadowing under a Celebrity photographer, Frazier Fotography is equipped to tackle even the most unique and complex goals.

California native turned European-based photographer, Timo Frazier,  brings a touch of modern technique with classical approach to his profession. As a digital artist and photographer, he has traveled the world capturing lasting and impactful imagery that has always edged his industry.

Although Timo began his Photography studies while in University in Tennessee, he then went to Paris, France to study at Speos Photographic Institute – one of the best photography schools in the world. Here he was able to refine and add value to his craft.  During his time in Japan, Timo assisted and was mentored by Famous Fashion Photographer Masatoshi Yamashiro. There he learned techniques, and approaches that are unique to asian culture. On top of the extensive education and studies, Timo started Frazier Fotography in Japan, where he stayed for almost 12 years.  He then brought the business to Europe, photographing Paris Fashion Week, shooting for multiple magazines, and projects across the board. 

Now located in Nashville, TN, Timo Frazier uses his skills and education for all projects from large corporate advertisements, to small engagement portrait sessions. 

Private and Business Photography in Nashville, TN

No matter if you’re an individual in need of professional portraits, a boutique enterprise, or a global brand, Frazier Fotography will help you create a portfolio of captivating imagery that hits the mark.

Common Clients

  • Corporations and brands
  • Private businesses 
  • Models and actors
  • Fashion designers
  • Makeup artists

Three Guarantees with Frazier Fotography 

Stunning Photography 

Our imagery will always be high quality and professionally directed. Diverse and creative, our photography services place an emphasis on portraits, headshots, landscape, travel and fashion.

Impressive Graphic Design

Digital compositions, retouching and photo manipulation are our specialties. We can take any photo, and turn it into a masterpiece. Let us bring your vision to life. We can enhance color, or artistically add your vision to an image while remaining natural and professional. 

Lighting and Composition

Lighting has an important  impactful effect on producing high-quality images. Frazier Fotography uses light and shading to produce optimally desired results. Whether on location or in studio, the lighting at your photoshoot is custom tailored to exceed expectations. 

Most Popular Service: Portraits & Professional Headshots


Professional portraits are the perfect way to memorialize special moments and occasions, capture time with friends and family, create an impressive modeling portfolio and more. Whether you are adding a new member to the family, celebrating any season in life or just want family photos for your decorating,  let us help you create a portrait that you’ll cherish forever.

Head Shots

In today’s digitally driven world, having both a personal and business headshots are increasingly important for making the best first impression possible. Headshots can make a great introduction, tell a story, improve your personal or business branding, and more. Gain a leg up on the competition by making sure your first impression online is one that will stand out for all the right reasons.  Since our specialty is portrait headshots, we can capture any look desired. 

Fashion and Beauty Photography in Nashville

Fashion Bloggers and eCommerce Brands

Looking to stand out in a sea of competition? We can outfit your site, posts, design and social media with engaging and visually impressive photos of your products. Demo and highlight the very best of your brand, showcasing fashion, beauty and other products in a way that encourages prospective customers to take action.

Fashion Designers and Boutiques 

Promote and proudly display your designs and looks with photo shoots developed and tailored to your brand.. From new images and product modeling to retouching and enhancing existing imagery, we’ll bring your images to life.

The Importance of Photography in Fashion

Memories of fashion and style come not from the fashion itself, but its visual presentation in publishing, advertising and more, making the ability to capture its energy, essence and ambiance with photography of great importance.

Content is king in digital commerce and fashion, and is why our team of talented photography professionals places a focus on helping clients create content that can be used across the channels that are important to their brand and audience.

Benefits of Commercial and Fashion Photography 

  • Visually control the narrative of your brand
  • Express value, innovation and creativity through imagery
  • Leverage digital marketing channels with unique content 
  • Advertise across social, display, publishers and more
  • Connect and engage with customers in a meaningful way
  • Increase product and brand awareness 
  • Build authority in your industry/space
  • Drive sales

Ready to learn more about how Frazier Fotography can help you and your brand? Let us turn your vision into reality and help you reach your goals through creative and visually stunning photos and graphics.  

Call or reach out today and find out why so many professionals, families and businesses trust us for their photos and graphics.  

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