Frazier Fotography

“Bringing you our world one shot at a time.”

About Us

Founded in 2000, Frazier Fotography offers dynamic photography and digital design expertise to deliver strategic, engaging stories through the power of stunning imagery. With focuses in portraits, fashion, travel and landscape, Frazier Fotography creates advertising, editorial and portraits that inspire.

Fast Facts

  • 2000 founded
  • Digital editing and retouching expertise
  • Japanese, American, and European client base
  • 10+ countries shot for projects
  • International reach

Frazier Fotography serves a broad range of clients—both private and business—including models, fashion designers makeup artists and creatives. Frazier Fotography work has been featured in various media outlets. Additionally, Frazier Fotography work has been displayed in private and international collections across North America and Japan, including Fotki headquartered in Canada and the Tennessee Performing Arts Center.

Timo’s Story

Timo Frazier is California-native, Europe-based photographer, digital artist and retoucher who deals modern techniques with a classic edge. Timo has traveled the world capturing photographs of beautiful people and remarkable places.

Timo began his photographic career in 2000 while studying photography and booking wedding clients while living in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. By 2005, Timo was a mentee to some of the most well-respected artists including Phlearn creator Aaron Nace. During this time Timo worked for a public relations firm in Nashville, TN taking portraits and creating marketing material.

In turn this lead to Timo’s relocation to Tokyo, Japan, where he launched FANTiM Fotography in 2006. After gaining coveted experience by working alongside an industry leading celebrity and fashion photographer Masatoshi Yamashiro, Timo then moved to Europe in 2016 where he studied commercial, fashion, and portrait photography at Speos Photographic Institute of Paris, France. Since in Europe Timo has studied individually with world renowned photographers Dan Hecho and Sean Archer to incorporate their stylistic techniques and approach into his own skill set. Timo now manages Frazier Fotography with his years of unique knowledge and expertise.

Timo’s artistic instincts combined with 15+ years of experience have prepared him to capture a brand or person’s true spirit.

While we specialize in portraiture and product photography our services also include:

  • Maternity photography: Celebrate the beauty of motherhood with stunning, artistic portraits.
  • Newborn photography: Preserve the precious moments of your newborn’s first days with natural and candid photographs.
  • Family photography: Create lasting memories with candid and posed photographs of your family.
  • Event photography: Capture the special moments and emotions of your event, from intimate gatherings to large celebrations.
  • Headshot photography: Create a professional and polished image for your business or personal brand with a high-quality headshot.



  • Diverse range of photography with a focus on human portraits, travel, landscape and fashion.

Graphic Design

  • Adobe Photoshop retouching, photo manipulation and digital compositions.


  • Adept at composing lighting conditions for producing optimal results at both on-location and studio environments.

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