03.10.09 In Good Health, and Take Time to Check the Time

::Foto of the Day::
Well it appears I missed a week on updating my blog. So this week you get two photos.

In Good Health 52/8

I was sick this week, and the photo I was originally working on didn’t work out. So instead I decided to upload a photo of myself.


I didn’t actually take the photo when I was sick, but as you can see I did edit it a bit. Mostly bought out my eyes, and got rid of a few skin imperfections. I also changed the color to the weird green, most likely because I was feeling green myself.

52/9 Take Time to Check the Time

So this is my ninth 52 photo. I can’t believe how fast this is going. By doing a project every week I can see exactly how fast time ticks by. It feels like just a few weeks ago I was starting my first photo. So today I’m posting a photo which was actually an idea for next weeks photo. I like the way this turned out though, so this is what you get for today’s photo.

Now onto last (last) week’s photo, and the edits I used.

Kinda Before:

So this image is pretty much all photoshop. I took the picture of myself as a luchador, and also took the picture of myself as the poor guy about to get pounded. I then added them to a wrestling ring which I made out of an image, and alot of vector art, and put the crowd background to it.

Instead of actually jumping in the area I took a picture of myself doing a back arch, then flipped it upside down. And I got what I was looking for.

So yeah that’s how I did that photo.

So I know this was a long post, but hope you guys liked it. Please leave me a comment, no matter where you’re reading this blog.

Until next time

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