06.13.06 BrushKnob Brings Hands on Back to Photo Editing

Last week I had the opportunity to sit down with Wataru Kami, concept artist that’s worked on such projects as Street Fighter V.   While having coffee with him he told me about the new tool he had created, the BrushKnob.  BrushKnob was designed because […]

08.11.13 Dia De Obon

::Before and After::This week I’m bringing you a photo from our series “Dia De Obon”.  It was inspired by Julia Kuzmenko McKim’s Sugar Skull series.  You can see hers on her site.In the Japanese tradition of Obon families gather at cemetery and prepare the graves. […]

02.16.13 Leaves

::Before And After:: This week’s photo idea came to me one night as I was falling asleep.  I had an image slip into my head.  Dressed in a business suit, floating through the clouds, buildings rising from below.  It was a very peaceful dream, the […]

The 2011 Christmas Giveaway

Ok so I’ve decided to give a run at the whole contest thing.  So here we go.  You can win one of three different things in this giveaway drawing.  And here they are:-A gift card from Starbucks, because who doesn’t like some coffee?-An 8×10 print […]

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