Twisted Princess – Snow White

::Before After::

So this weeks twisted princess was Snow White. My idea for it was that once she bit into the poison apple you would see the effects of the poison, starting at the mouth.
My original concept was to have this shot in the studio with a white background.  But once I started editing the outdoor shot I ended up liking it better than the studio shot.
One thing that disappointed me was that I didn’t have my reflector with me at the time of shooting the image. I’ve been packing and moving around alot lately so I had no idea where I had left it.  If I had it I could’ve used it to create a great catch light which would’ve helped out alot while darkening the eyes.
I’m so grateful to FilmReadyFace for providing the makeup, and Lace for making a special trip to Nashville just to shoot this shot for me.


Non Twisted Version

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Behind the Scenes:

Stacey setting up the makeup

Our little group Hailey, Stacy, Lace, and Me

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