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::Before and After::

So on my way home from a wedding I shot last weekend I decided to take a detour.  I tried to go to the Davy Crockett museum in Tennessee, but ended up getting tired of the drive.  It gave me a good chance to scout though on the way and stop at places I wanted to on the way back.
This was one place I decided to stop at.  
Original Image
I got up and close and personal with this building; the shattered windows and wind blown sheets hanging over the windows made it more eerie than I wanted to face by myself.  As I approached he building I expected to see shadowy figures run past the holes in the plywood covering the door, or see the face of a witch in the window pointing at me and grinning.
I decided not to enter the building because I noticed alot of modern things around it and feared that either someone still lived there or that the owner came by frequently and would arrest me for trespassing.  After all the wheat farm in front of the building had been cut not too long ago.
So instead I ran into the field and took three photos so that I could start my image by making an HDR photo.
Same Image -1 Same Image +1
I put all three images together in Photomatix and came up with this HDR:

Rendered HDR image

It was not bad but still needed some work.  So I imported it into Photoshop.  I removed my car and the building behind it, along with the electric pole and wires.  I then adjusted the levels for the sky and trees, then adjusted the levels on the building, and lastly adjusted the levels on the grass.
Lately I’ve been driving around and staring at all the birds migrating.  For some reason I’ve been very fascinated by them this year.  I’ve been wanting to add them to a photo so I chose to add them to this photo.  Lastly I added some sun rays in the sky and put a gradient around the edges.  And I was finished.  Pretty easy photo to do, but I love the way it turned out.

Completed Image

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