::Photos of the Day::

Just a few photos from recent photo shoots

This first set of photos is from a shoot I did down at the river. The Japanese love to go fishing.

I’m featuring this shot cause I love the contrast the fisherman has between the plants, and the sky.

I chose this photo because the fishing pole leads your eye into the image, and directly towards my subject which was the fisherman.

Unfortunately this image is much smaller on my website than what it should be. The colors look kind of strange in this small version, but in the larger version you can see beautiful skin tones on this little girl. She was the daughter of our sky diving instructor.

This is Lisa’s eye. I’m featuring it cause it her eyes have great color, and there’s such a great contrast in this photo.

This photo is being posted today because I love the back lighting, and I feel like it really directs your focus onto my eyes rather than my camera.

I chose this picture of Dan cause I love the way he stands out from the wall behind him.

These next two images are part of a self portrate shoot I did. I put everything in this photo for a reason.

See if you can name all the items. I choose this one to show also because of the way the light captured my face.

This is my buddy Aki. When I entered his room I was amazed at how his room was still traditional Japanese, yet it had been engulfed with his own skater personality. He had CDs, GI Joes, skateboarding gear, and turn tables, yet also had all the elements of a traditional Japanese room. I wish I had more time to shoot in there cause his room was a great example of who he is.

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