::Photos of the Day::

It’s that time of year again. When Japanese people wear their bathrobes and underwear and dance around carrying big wooden arks.

I call this one “The perception of most Japanese people on Matsuri night”.

For more Matsuri action check out my video log.

These aren’t my best matsuri photos ever, but they’ll suffice.

Also went to an aquarium.. but haven’t sifted through all the videos and pictures I took there yet.

Here’s at least a couple shots though to test your appetite.

The golden palace. Former home of the Emperor. It has no windows in it so that assassins couldn’t break in and kill him. It also has a thin layer of gold coating the whole palace. (vlog coming soon)

The Easter Island Moai…. but they’re in Japan? If you draw a picture from where the Easter Island statues are staring it makes a straight line to Japan. So the Japanese thought they should make their own statues to stare back. Crazy chantos.

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