01.23.09 Locked Out – 52/2

::Foto of the Day::

Ok for this weeks 52 I decided to do a before and after so you could kinda see the process that went into this photo.


This is the after shot (which I’ll talk more about in a minute).


The Shoot: So I had this idea in my head, and I kinda want to take it again but from a different angle. It’s me just up as a cowboy in his underwear locked out of my place. I’m actually wearing long underwear in this picture and cowboy boots, but since I only have dark long underwear it makes it hard to see. I had to take this picture before it got too dark cause I wanted more natural light in it, instead of relying on my flash. So I was standing outside in my long underwear as all this construction workers were working around my apartment (which is getting renovated right now). It was very embarassing.
Post Processing: So as you can see there was alot of editing in this photo. First of all I had to put the window on the other side. Instead of just moving the window I decided to go ahead and move the whole background. This way the window would align better with the wall. I then had to remove the junk behind me, which is nothing more than the hot water heater at my apartment. After adding the door and the snake I went through and put in all the lighting myself. I wanted the colors to be warmer inside the house then on the outside. So I colored all my light sources with a more yellow tint, while making everything else the dingy blue. I then went through and put in the shadows of myself and the snake. I had to make sure that the shadow matched the lighting pretty well. I usually don’t pay this much attention to detail, but this 52 Week series I’m doing is a big deal to me. So I wanted it perfect.
So yeah compare the two images, and be ready for next weeks 52.

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