10.21.09 Sumo

::Foto of the Day::

So this is one of my shots from my day at the Sumo practice arena. Six o’clock seemed way to early to wake up and take photos. Especially after working at a wedding the night before. But as they say “When in Tokyo..” So we arrived at the building where we were going to watch practice after roaming the streets for a while. I walked up to the door and tried to open it, but it was locked. After walking around the building a few times we could hear sumo sounds from one of the windows. “What exactly is ‘sumo sounds’?” you ask? It is the sound of raw meat slapping into raw meat at the speed of a football player.

We went back to the front where I rung the doorbell. The lock turned and the door slid open a crack, but no one looked out at us. So we opened the door and walked in.

We were given designated spots where we were forced to sit. We watched the practice matches, and all the training exercises the wrestlers went through. It was pretty amazing to see such large guys moving so fast. At one point I tried to move to get a better shot. I stayed near my designated spot, but scooted over a little to an unoccupied area. I was immediately yelled at by a sumo wrestler looking guy in sweat clothes to “please sit down” *translated from Japanese*. Embarassed I quickly sat down.

All in all an amazing experiences. To see more photos from the day go to https://fantim.zenfolio.com/sumo

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