10.31.2011 Halloween

::Photos Of The Season::

So my plan this year was to take a different Halloween photo every week.  Unfortunately  there were complications with this plan.  So instead I did two weeks.  Still I think they turned out great.

Vampire Shoot

For my vampire shoot I put together a very creative team and the photo turned out perfectly.  The original didn’t look much different then the end product.
Lacy Garrison – Model
Stacy Lockhart – Makeup
Holly Stamey – Hair

For more photos from my vampire shoot you can view them at https://www.fantim.com/p680508153

Zombie Shoot

My other Halloween shoot was zombie themed.  This shot was inspired by “The Witch” from the left for dead series.  The red lighting on her dress was a mix of photoshop and a red glow stick.
Lace Robbins – Model
Vapiai Caply – Makeup

For photos from the zombie shoot you can visit https://www.fantim.com/p512844628

Vampire: Behind the Scenes Zombie: Behind the Scenes
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