12.05.08 Aaron Rosie Fotography and ME!

So I’m REALLY REALLY excited. Next month I get to study under Aaron from AaronRosieFotography!!

Aaron and Rosie
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Aaron is a graphic designer major who has recently been published in a few magazines. He has some really cool techniques that I’m hoping will help me fine tune alot of my designs. I often find myself getting frustrated that I’m not able to accomplish exactly what I see in my head. I used to have this same frustration back when I used to only draw. Then I became a photographer and found that I could always create what I wanted cause I shot what I saw. Now however as I’ve taken the next step and become a graphic designer I don’t always get the resutls I want. So this is going to be an amazing opportunity for me. Needless to say I’m really jazzed.

You give me wingsBy Aaron
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A little more about ARF. As far as I can tell here’s how the story goes. Two people, Aaron and Rosie. Aaron being a graphic artist, and Rosie being a photographer. Aaron lives in the states, and Rosie in Europe. Well they met through flickr and from there actually started a relationship. Now they’re madly in love, and their story has even been published in other magazines (not the ones where Aarons works where published).

OutcastedBy Rosie
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Aaron also taught Rosie some techniques and now her photographers are just as popular as Aaron’s, but their art styles are completely different. They are two of the most popular flickr users, and are rising to digital stardom.

The Return Home
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So as I said before, I’m really really excited that I get to study under Aaron. And I can’t wait to see what I learn, and what I make next.

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