12.05.08 Japantastic

Here’s a couple of my recent works. That I haven’t posted, but deserve a post. They’re both digital artpieces. And I decided to call this entry Japantastic because both of them have very Japanese animation themes.

Inspired by DragonballZ
My own destructive nature scares me.

Inspired by Akira
This one has an interesting story about it. The background you see in this picture is actually the olympic stadium in Tokyo. I decided to take this picture there, and add the digital effects to it later. If you are familiar with Akira you know this is where the final battle between Tetsuo and Kaneda occurs. Here I am playing the role of Tetsuo.

Here is a before picture. The crazy hair, and tank top are all part of the theme.

Finally an HDR shot of Tokyo from the gardens in front of the emporer’s palace.

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