02.02.09 Rock and a Hard Place

::Foto of the Day::



You have to make tough choices in life and see where they take you, because the alternative won’t get you anywhere.

This week I will tell you about last weeks photo. Here is a before shot:


I had a few shots from a helicopter base near my house. They were running drills one day and so I also got the shot of the people jumping out of the helicopter. Unfortunately you couldn’t see much because there were trees in the way, and also the helicopter got cut off because I was trying to take pictures of the men. So I took another full picture of the helicopter and put it together with the men jumping out to get this effect. I had to go in and draw the rope leading off the helicopter because my photo as I said was mostly covered with a tree.

I then went through and added all the lighting. My favorite light that I added was the light shining down from the helicopter. After I finished I was trying to add a few raindrops on the lens of the camera (through photoshop), instead I got the two bright lights in the lower left corner. I liked the way it looked so I kept it.
Here is the finished image:


Anyways hope you guys are enjoying my 52 project. Until next week… or sooner.


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