2.13.09 Put It On Or Take It Off?

::Foto of the Week::

There are times in life where we need to remove the masks that we’ve worn.

Ok this week I’m going to show you a behind the scenes on last weeks photo "Rock and a Hard Place"

I pass this airfield everyday on my way home. It’s wear I watch the helicopters practice their maneuvers. I had been planning this picture for a while, so one day I packed all my gear and came out here. Unfortunately I happened to pick the day there were like 5 other photographers taking pictures of helicopters. So I felt really dumb. but I took my pictures anyways. After I took my photos I converted them to HDR images.

I then went through and actually edited the HDR image to get the effect I wanted. This became difficult when adding elements like the helicopter in the background because it wasn’t taken in HDR.

And from there I eventually finished "Rock and a Hard Place" The most difficult part of this project was making the fence extend into nothingness. The vanishing point of the fence, and the horizon made it difficult to edit properly. But I like the way things turned out in the end.


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