02.03.10 Adam Sanders

::Foto of the Day::

So today I have a few before and after shots from my photoshoot with Adam Sanders, and I also have some behind the scene photos taken by my assistant.



I didn’t actually do too much post processing on this photo. I just desaturated some of the color and adjusted my blacks. I like the way it turned it.

This was my first time using my new studio, so I was pretty excited about it. And loved the amount of control I had in the studio.

At one point though I accidentally shut the dressing room door, with all of Adam’s cloths in it. This wouldn’t be a problem except the door was locked, and I didn’t have a key on me. So we had to wedge the door open with a credit card and a knife.
Behind the scenes:

hehe I like to work with my shoes off sometimes. You can see them in the background

Adam’s manager going over wardrobe with him. I forgot to bring my little camera so the behind the scene photos weren’t that good this time around.

That’s all for now. Feel free to leave questions and comments.


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