02.23.10 Disappearing

::Photo of the Week::

Today’s photo may not look like much, but it actually my first attempt at infrared photography.

The way it works is I use an infrared filter on my camera that lets through pretty much no light, and instead is supposed to be registering heat signatures. Since I don’t actually have an infrared camera I am using my regular camera, and keeping the shutter open for a long period of time.
In return the technique is almost like taking a night photo, except the shot was taken during the day. The affect is always pretty interesting.

As I play around with it more I assume I’ll be able to understand the variables better and get a better image next time. But still pretty fun for my first attempt. I stood in the frame long enough for the image to pick me up, then I moved.

I’m not exactly sure why half of the frame is darker than the other, could’ve been a solar flare, or perhaps was a result to the way I shuttered it. I ended up cranking up my ISO (Film) speed pretty high in order to capture the image easier.

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