03.12.10 Catwoman


So today’s image that we’ll be looking at is the image that inspired my Catwoman photo shoot. It all started out when I saw the cover of this particular Catwoman comic book.

This was the original art work, by Adam Hughes. A mugshot of Catwoman.

This is my remake of the image. Now for some behind the scenes so you can have an idea of the post processing.

I had my model dowse herself with water for this image in order to get that just got arrested in the rain look. I actually used several different images and composed them together in order to get every piece of her in place. After the shoot I went through and redarkened the running mascara. Cropped it in tight, and made the mugshot sign by drawing it together on Photoshop. Had to draw the mugshot sign because I didn’t want to spend the money to buy one.
To see some more visit https://fantim.com/catwoman

Here are some behind the scene shots.

Due to a double booking error in my studio I had to move my studio upstairs to this dining hall. Although I didn’t have as much lighting control it was free and I got the shots I wanted.

Catwoman getting ready to go rob some stuff. 😀

That’s all for now.


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